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23 questions / Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Sec. 1 Chapter 7 Sec. 2 Chapter 8 Chapter 14

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Chapter 8: The Rise of Europe

25 questions / Vocabulary Sec.1:The Early Middle Ages Sec.2: Feudalism and the Manor Economy Section 3: The Medieval Church Sec. 4 Economic Expansion

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AP Calculus-AB Review

25 questions / Derivatives Formulas Integrals Miscellaneous Limits

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Quick Facts Check

15 questions / Derivatives Trig Identities Formulae

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Calculus 1 Review- Finding Derivatives (pt. 2)

20 questions / Inverse/Logarithms Implicit Differentiation Inverse Trig Rate of Change

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Fall 2022 Life Group Extravaganza

17 questions / Thanksgiving Sports Trivia What's in Your Cell Phone? Minute to Win It!

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Sports Debate Club

25 questions / College Bowl Games NFL NHL NBA Misc.

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25 questions / Sports Teams and Terms Notable Soundtracks Yo. Common Bonds Speedrunning

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AP Calculus AB - Chapter 3 Review Jeopardy

25 questions / Implicit Differentiation Inverse Trig Derivatives Exponential Derivatives Logarithmic Derivatives Random Trivia

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March Madness Jeopardy*

18 questions / Divisions Winners Players The Seeds

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Trigonometry Review (Ch. 7)

25 questions / The Unit Circle 7.1 (Trig Identities & Expressions) 7.2 (Sum & Difference Formulas) 7.3 (Double-Angle & Half-Angle Formulas) 7.5 (Solving Trig. Equations)

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Video Game Jeopardy!

25 questions / Steps for A video game Popular games Video game Roles Random Video Game Facts Video game Making Roles

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Primary and Secondary Sources 3-5 grades

20 questions / Primary Secondary Is it a Primary Source? More Pr. and Sec. Sources 2 similar games

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Baby Shower Jeopardy!

25 questions / Baby 101 Baby Animals Baby Books Baby Babble Baby Facts

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Jeopardy Edutainment SG1

25 questions / science current events politics music sports/games

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Marissa's Hard MATH GAME!!!!!

25 questions / Anything;) Angles Units of time Math Answer if you dare:)hehehe

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Calculus Derivatives

20 questions / Basic Derivatives, Level 1 Basic Derivatives, Level 2 Product and Quotient Rule Chain Rule

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Woodgrove Astronomy II

25 questions / Light The Solar System Movies & Games The Sun Moon & Eclipses

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14 questions / Super Bowl Uniforms General The Titans College

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Maggeh + Suzanneh


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Valorant Jeopardy Board 1

25 questions / Weapons Lore Trivia Spot the Map Abilities

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Jeopardy - Cyn

25 questions / Games Sports Food How well-- Movies/ TV shows

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Review 8.1

10 questions / Units Solve

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Telling Time

25 questions / Disney Music Converting hrs to min. Converting min. to sec. Converting hrs. to sec.

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The Federal System

25 questions / Vocab. Sec. 3 Vocab. Sec. 4 Interstate Relations Developing Federalism Nationalist or States Rightsists

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Exam 1 Jeopardy

25 questions / Conceptual Process Analysis Batching Project Management Formulas

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The Enlightenment and the American Revolution Ch.18

18 questions / Sec.1 Philosophy in the Age of Reason Sec.2 Enlightenment Ideas Spread Sec.3 Britain at Mid-Century Sec. 4 Birth of the American Republic Current events

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Young Life Shreveport Fall Trivia Challenge 2017

25 questions / Animal Trivia SEC Football Trivia Harry Potter Trivia The Office Trivia Periodic Table Trivia

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Chapter 1 and 2 Review-MAT 110

25 questions / Fun with proportions %/decimal/fraction Percentorama Precision/Accuracy Conversions

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Current Events

25 questions / Gov't Entertainment Sports Buy & Sell World

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Roblox fact 2

13 questions / Roblox UNO Admin commands work at a pizza place

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OTA Jeopardy

20 questions / Name That Equipment Name That Setting Name That Abbreviation All About SEC

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CAP 400

25 questions / Sports Capitals Colleges & Universities US History Born in the USA Books

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Navy Uniform Regulations

25 questions / Chapter - 3 Uniform Components Chapter 2 - Grooming Standards Chapter 7 - Civilian Clothing Chapter 1 - General Uniform Regulations NHP Uniform Instruction

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RSCC Baby Shower

20 questions / Baby Animals Due Date Baby 101 9 Months of Sheer Bliss

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Physics Chapter 9 Review

15 questions / Formulas, Units, ... Effect of Momentum in world Extra Practice Problems - p. 573

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Earthquakes, Volcanos and Locating Epicenters

24 questions / Tectonic Plates Volcanos Locating Epicenters Earthquakes P-Waves & S-Waves 2 similar games

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Physics R Us

25 questions / g Astronomy Mechanics Fluids Sound and Waves

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FOM Unit 1

25 questions / Algebraic Expressions Rational Calculations Simplifying Expressions Basic Conversions Mixture

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T3 Final Review - Erica Stockdale

25 questions / Cycles Systems/Feedback Loops/Spheres River Acceleration/Force/Gravity Laws of Motion

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Tuesday July 30th round 2

25 questions / South of the Border. Inventions of the 30's Tabletop Games. Who Am I co*cktail Trivia

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Let's be sealed!<3

15 questions / Sec Exam Revelation Verses

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Math Project

25 questions / Trigonometric Values Reciprocal and Quotient Identities Pythagorean Identities Trigonometric Sum and Difference Formulas Verifying Trigonometric Identities

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Trig. By Mark

25 questions / Sum Real / B S

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Find Jeopardy Games About a-game-computer.aspx?sec= (2024)


Why is Jeopardy a difficult challenge for a computer? ›

Computers have not yet mastered human language. Watson can easily tell you who is the President of Guatemala, but he can't understand clues with wordplay or puns. The machine couldn't guess who this clue referred to: 'X marks the spot, man, when this guy opens his peeper.

Is there a Jeopardy game app? ›

Whether you're at home or on-the-go, it's the new way to play Jeopardy! with your friends. Play this new Jeopardy! experience as host, Alex Trebek takes you on a world tour! This app may include advertising tailored to your interests on behalf of the Sony Corporation family of companies, as well as third parties.

Is there a virtual Jeopardy game? ›

Playing a Jeopardy game on Zoom has become a popular way to bring the classic trivia game to virtual gatherings with co-workers, friends, or family. Whether you're hosting a virtual game night or just looking for a fun activity to do with your team, Jeopardy on Zoom is an exciting option.

Is JeopardyLabs free? ›

It's free, fast, and easy. No registration required!

What is the most common question on Jeopardy? ›

Your best bet for a response if you just don't know the answer is “What Is China?” — the most common Jeopardy response. In Double Jeopardy, the most common response is “What is Australia?” and “Word Origins” is the most common category in the game.

What is the name of the computer that won Jeopardy? ›

In a televised Jeopardy! contest viewed by millions in February 2011, IBM's Watson DeepQA computer made history by defeating the TV quiz show's two foremost all-time champions, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.

What is the best Jeopardy game maker? ›

10 Best Jeopardy Game Maker Tools & Templates
  • JeopardyLabs. ...
  • Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy Creator. ...
  • Factile Jeopardy App. ...
  • Jeopardy Game Maker from Speight Ed. ...
  • Advanced Jeopardy Template. ...
  • Free Jeopardy Google Slides Template. ...
  • Jeopardy Template Review Game From Conor Bradley. ...
  • Rules and Procedures Jeopardy Template.

How much does Jeopardy app cost? ›

The “Jeopardy! World Tour” game is now available (for free!) on iOS and Android. Not only can you broaden your knowledge with thousands of clues and categories, but you can also get strategic with Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy!

Is the Jeopardy mobile game free? ›

® Trivia TV Game Show, developed by Uken Games, is a free mobile application that offers a casual gaming experience designed to challenge your intellect and enhance your IQ.

Can you play Jeopardy on a smart TV? ›

When it comes to excitingly challenging trivia games, nothing beats Jeopardy! Now you can play the game like never before, on your Amazon Alexa , Fire TV or Roku device. Just like The Price Is Right or Are You Smart Than a 5th Grader, our Jeopardy!

How do I access Jeopardy? ›

Watch Jeopardy! on Hulu + Live TV

You can watch everything from syndicated game shows like Jeopardy! to live TV events with Hulu + Live TV. Plans start at $76.99 a month, and come with ESPN+ and Disney+. You'll get access to over 90 channels, including entertainment channels and local TV on ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Can you play Jeopardy at home? ›

Simply buzz in and say your answer from your couch to be a part of the game like never before. And with Party Mode, you can host head-to-head, multiplayer competitions in your living room. It's everything you love about the show: Categories, Clues, Wagers, Daily Doubles and even signing your name to the podium.

Is JeopardyLabs worth it? ›

I use Jeopardy Labs to re-enforce learning on specific topic areas and test prior learning, but it could easily be used to tailor review, practice, and support learning for varying needs. Everything I've test on Jeopardy Labs has worked without difficulty or a hitch.

What app is Jeopardy on? ›

Jeopardy - Watch on Paramount Plus.

What app can I use to create a Jeopardy game? ›

Factile is the ultimate Jeopardy game maker for the classroom with features like an Advanced Editor, Question Bank and AutoGen for fast and easy game creation, fun customizations like Jeopardy board colors and your own Team Mascots, and endless options for playing such as Buzzer Mode, Daily Double, Final Factile and ...

What are the cons of the game Jeopardy? ›

Jeopardy is a competitive game that requires quick thinking and quick reflexes. As a result, participants who need to take time to consider the question before they form an answer are at a definite disadvantage. They may find the game too rushed and noisy for their comfort.

Was playing Jeopardy a good way to test machine intelligence? ›

Jeopardy questions are designed for a computer to answer, and therefore it was a good way to test Watson's machine intelligence.

What is the problem with Jeopardy host? ›

In May, Bialik announced that she would cease hosting Jeopardy! in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America, which was on strike. “There's a lot of complexity to this, but my general statement is always that I come from a union family,” she said later.

How to be smart enough for Jeopardy? ›

It's not enough to just know trivia; you must understand the cadence of how questions (or answers) are worded. Each answer often contains two to three clues to guide you to the correct question. Categories with “ “ - this usually mean that the correct response will begin with the characters in quotes.

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