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Yep, even furries can be scary too.

“We thought we had been observing the planet. The planet was observing us.”

A Black Templar, "Furry: First Contact"

The first couple episodes are primarily a comedy, but as the series goes on, the horror elements come into play.

  • Strongfang, although still a rather humorous antagonist, has some pretty terrifying moments coming from him. The fact that he’s taken more seriously than the other furries shown so far doesn’t help either.
    • When the Black Templars call him Steven, we’re treated to the glorious scene of his human self trying to escape Strongfang, only for the latter to swallow him back inside.
      • Just the sheer fact that almost every furry is implied to have a human self inside of them, watching the furries being killed will be harder to see knowing that there’s a person inside of them that’s helpless to do anything as they get killed along with the furry they’re in.
    • After the rather comedic scene of the two marines scrolling through image results of Lola Bunny, Strongfang laughs offscreen and it’s shown that he is still alive, with his eyes being soulless and his heart still ripped out while giving both of them an rather intimidating speech about how his kind will never be stopped.

      Strong Fang: "You want our existence to have an easy answer...something you can point to and stop...But there is no stopping us...So long as there are outcasts with no dad to play catch with...or lonley homeschooled boys with internet connection...or Asians...Our seeds will find fertile soil...How can you stop an idea?"

  • Star Sparkle, a ruthless Animalistic Abomination who can disguise themselves as an average furry and attacks with its many tentacles to rape any unfortunate marine challenged against it to death, oh and it's capable of growing more tentacles in place of the ones that get sliced off.
    • Its transformation sequence is unsettling to look at too, just how in the world is it able to go from a simple furry to THAT?
  • An entire planet in Furry: First Contact was turned into one, giant furry. Think about that for a moment.
  • Fear the Furry. Dear god. FEAR THE FURRY!
    • First off, the furries look absolutely deranged compared to their usual more cartoony-looking selves in the other animations and actually give the marines a rather difficult time trying to kill them compared to how easily they die from being shot, sliced, and even stomped on. Are we sure that these are the same ones the Black Templar kill?
    • THE FURRIES WIN. You heard that right, after various losses and retreats against the marines, they won against an encounter with them. The only instance left of the battle is a mass of some organic substance right where the marines used to be.
    • The Furry-Infected Marine the wandering Black Templar marine encounters. It would've killed him if it weren't for the flamer he has, but it was successful in infecting him though.
      • The way it gets its face melted off via flamer is very unnerving and surprisingly more graphic than usual even by this series' standards.
    • The ending shows that the wandering marine has been infected during the fight with the furry marine.
      • Strongfang mentioning how Lola Bunny isn't the source in his "The Reason You Suck" Speech becomes a bit more understandable knowing that the true source for how furries are made is the furries themselves, who are capable of turning others into their kind through a simple infection.
  • A very subtle example, but if you look closely at where the furries are approaching from in the beginning of The Furry Bait-and-Switch, you can notice that they’re the evolved furries from Fear the Furry. This implies that unlike all the other antagonists who only had one episode of appearance, we’ll be seeing much more of the evolved furries from now on, and considering how powerful they are, this isn’t a good sign whatsoever.
    • Fortunately, however, the video is (possibly) non-canon and is just a mere trailer for their Space King series, but the implications are unnerving to say the least.
  • In House of A Thousand Furries, we get to learn why Sonic did not wish to be associated with The Furries and why many other anthropomorphic creatures do not want anything to do with them either. They are less La Résistance for other anthros being hunted by the Black Templars as they claim and more Abhorrent Admirer. A horde of them had broken into the house of Bluey, having masturbat*d to the sight of her family and were about to rape them all to create twisted siblings.
    • The ending of the short also reveals just how screwed normal anthros are: After Bandit saved both The Black Templar and his family from The Furries, the Templar repays him by killing the entire family for being unsanctioned dog mutant psykers. So most other anthros will have to choose between being subjected to untold degeneracy by The Furries or a swift death by The Imperium.
    • When Bandit is pinned down by a furry, the Black Templar gives him his bolter pistol to whack the furry with, after hitting the furry, he is pinned down yet again, but this time the furry is now pissed and has one hell of an Nightmare Face. Fortunately, it becomes a Moment of Awesome once Bandit begins to use the broccoli piece to explode its head along with the other furries in the house.
The Furry Crusades - TV Tropes (2024)
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