Two Butte men sentenced to 60 years for 2021 homicide (2024)

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Two men have been sentenced for the murder of William Harris. Jay Hubber was found guilty of deliberate homicide by accountability and aggravated burglary. And Nicholas Jaeger was found guilty on deliberate homicide.

BUTTE, Mont. -Two Butte men have been sentenced to 60 years in prison after a fatal shooting back in 2021.

Jay Hubber was found guilty of deliberate homicide by accountability and aggravated burglary.

Nicholas Jaeger was found guilty on deliberate homicide.

According to court documents, Hubber and Jaeger were both trying to pick up a wanted felon who had a warrant out. After getting to the house, Jaeger shot William Harris in the home where the felon was being harbored.

Both Hubber and Jaeger will have the opportunity to appeal their cases and have 20 years of their sentenced suspended.


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Two Butte men sentenced to 60 years for 2021 homicide (2024)
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